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Russia manufactured about 7.6 mln doses of coronavirus vaccine

About 7.6 mln doses of coronavirus vaccine were manufactured in Russia, 2.1 mln of them were delivered to the regions, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said in an interview with Rossiya 1 TV channel.

“I can say that 7.6 mln doses of the vaccine have already been manufactured, 2.1 mln have been delivered to the regions of the country. The difference is explained by the fact that they were produced at different times, and in order to ensure the quality and safety of the product, the vaccine passes quality control,” she said.

Golikova noted that an additional increase in production is expected next week, therefore, opportunities for vaccination will expand.

Mass vaccination against coronavirus for everybody started in the Russian regions on January 18.

According to the preliminary vaccination plan for the population, more than 17 mln doses of coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Russian medical organizations in the Q1 of 2021, Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

“Over the week, we have formed a preliminary vaccination plan for the first quarter of 2021. Based on what will be received for use in medical organizations, this is just over 17 mln, and if everything goes smoothly, then we can involve in this process about 20 mln of our citizens,” she said.

Source: TASS


Introduction of a single international certificate of coronavirus vaccination for trips to other countries is unlikely because it is difficult to agree upon parameters of such document, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova says in an interview at the Rossiya-24 TV Channel.

“I believe it is impossible to coordinate it by definition; it is no coincidence that the World Health Organization has only one international certificate,” the official says.

“This is exactly so because it is very challenging for adoption,” Golikova noted, responding to the question concerning introduction of a common international certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus infection.

Approval of a single document is complicated because of specific features characteristic of each country, the Deputy Prime Minister says.

“The World Health Organization should be relied on [in this matter]. It works out international rules in this regard. We are its members and have the right to express our opinion and deliberate agreed decisions,” Golikova added.

Source: TASS