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Russia reveals number of killed and injured troops in Ukraine

Some 498 servicemen have been killed and nearly 1,600 have been wounded during the ongoing attack on Ukraine, Russia’s military claimed on Wednesday.

The Defense Ministry refuted reports that there have been “countless” casualties during the conflict to date, branding them deliberate disinformation originating from the adversary.

According to Russian military estimates, Ukrainian army units and far-right paramilitaries have reportedly lost at least 2,870 soldiers, while a further 3,700 have received various wounds.

Some 572 Ukrainian servicemen were taken prisoner, the ministry added.

Russian units involved in the offensive are comprised solely of professional soldiers, the military has said, refuting allegations that the invasion force largely consists of “conscripts.”

The official casualty figures announced by Moscow differ drastically from the claims voiced by Kiev, which said more than 5,800 Russian soldiers had perished since the invasion began.

Source: RT