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Russia sent 15th IL-76 to Italy

On March 24th, Italy registered a high number of fatalities to COVID-19 – 743, and a moderate number of new infections (keeping in mind its own numbers) of 5,249.

The total number of cases sits at 69,176, out of which 8,326 have recovered, and 6,820 have resulted in death.

The Russian experts sent to assist Italy are operating out of Bergamo and as of March 24th were setting out plans of operation on tackling the spread.

On the morning of March 25th, a 15th Russian IL-76 military transport plane took off from Chkalovsky aerodrome, near Moscow and will also fly to Pratica di Mare Air Base near Rome, a statement of the Ministry of Defense said.

“In agreement with the Italian side, the first area for the use of Russian military specialists who arrived in Italy as part of assistance to combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection will be the city of Bergamo (administrative region of Lombardy, Italy),” the statement said.

It was noted that at present, the Russian military, together with Italian colleagues, are preparing to move special military equipment and equipment to the designated area and agree on traffic routes.

In Russia itself, more than 3,200 soldiers were tested for coronavirus, and all tests came out negative, the Ministry of Defense said.

“In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, 3,214 tests of military personnel for coronavirus were carried out, all the results are negative, there are no cases,” the ministry said.

The department noted that in 32 military hospitals, special departments have been deployed with a total capacity of 3 591 beds. In addition, 2,782 mechanical ventilation devices were deployed.

“There are nine operational teams for monitoring the sanitary and epidemiological situation. 15 modern multifunctional mobile modular complexes have been deployed to identify the causative agent of coronavirus infection,” the Defense Ministry said.

In addition, 5,537 stationary thermometry checkpoints were deployed in units of the Russian army, and 1, 647 special schedules were set out to conduct disinfection of areas.

Meanwhile, the United States’ response to the COVID-19 spreading appears to be winding down, as US President Donald Trump expressed his expectation that the epidemic would have passed and everybody would be able to return to work by Easter Sunday – Sunday 12th.