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Russian, Chinese media outlets becoming more important globally, Kremlin says

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes that as the global unipolarity is undermined now, the leading role of English-language media outlets is declining as well, while Russian and Chinese media sources are becoming increasingly important.

“Any country is now forced to tell its story in the world and for the world, especially such a large country as ours,” he said in an interview with Avtoradio. According to him, “the stronger a country becomes, the more discontent it raises among the states who want to dominate the world arena.” “This is projected directly on Russia. The stronger we become, the less we are liked by the countries seeking global leadership. This has always been and will be like that, we need to continue living in these conditions,” Peskov stressed. The Kremlin representative acknowledged, “biased coverage of any information about Russia does take place in many western media outlets, particularly the global leaders.”

According to Peskov, the global agenda has always been formulated by English-language media outlets, “basically the British and Americans, their media outlets, newspapers, TV channels and world agencies have always formulated the world agenda.” “Just like now in international affairs, when the bipolar world in times of the US and the Soviet Union and later the monopolar one headed by the US as a major monolith is washing away, the world is becoming multipolar,” Peskov noted. “It is not just the Anglo-Saxons who dictate trends in the information sphere, now the Chinese media outlets and the Russian ones have the right to speak and raise their voices more and more. In other words, multipolarity is also coming here, which means that people in the world begin to receive more diverse and, correspondingly, trustworthy information,” the Kremlin spokesman is certain.

Source: TASS