Russian losses in the Black Sea growing after Ukraine got US-made Harpoon missiles (Video)

The strike was carried out at night and it hit the self-lifting floating drilling rig “Tavrida”.

The shell hit the helipad, leaving a hole with a diameter of almost 5 m.

  • According to local officials, no one was injured as a result of the shelling. The staff were removed from the platform after the previous attack on the platforms of Chernomorneftegaz.

On June 20, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck three drilling platforms of Chernomorneftegaz located at the Odessa field in the Black Sea.

  • At that time there were 109 people on the towers. As a result, three people were injured — they received burns and shrapnel wounds, seven were missing. One of the platforms burned down completely.
  • Most of the drilling rigs in Crimea are located in the Black Sea west of the peninsula. The attacks were likely carried out from the Odessa region.

The weapon used in the attacks was not revealed.

There is not a big choice of weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Earlier this month, the U.S. committed to the donation of two Harpoon launch systems to Ukraine. Other Kiev’s allies have also agreed to provide the Harpoon missiles to the AFU which could be used with those launchers. Denmark and the United Kingdom were reportedly among them.

Earlier, on June 17, according to reports of the Ukrainian military the Russian military tugboat Vasily Bekh was attacked in the Black sea and either seriously damaged or sunk.

The footage shared by Ukrainian media confirm that the ship was hit by two missiles. Ukrainian officials report that the ship was hit by two land-based missiles, presumably Harpoon systems.

  • The tugboat was transporting ammunition, weapons and personnel to reinforce Russian troops on the island of Zmeiny. The attack took place 19 miles east of the island when it was reportedly transferring the Tor-M2MK short-range air defense system.
  • The media, citing unnamed Russian officials, reported that 10 of the 33 crew members on board were missing, and most of the crew members were injured.


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