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Video: The Russian military has deployed a special unit of military medics to northeastern Syria in order to provide assistance to locals

To help the people in Northwestern Syria, a special medical unit has arrived. Equipment, medicines, dressings, stretchers – dozens of boxes are unloaded from a helicopter. The cargo is being transported to the base of the Russian military police near Kobani.

The unit with all needed supplies and meds was deployed by a Mi-8 helicopter.


In just three hours, the first point of the medical facility care was deployed. On the window is a red cross, which is visible even from the road.

“The cabinet is small, but all the devices are multifunctional, and therefore the military doctors have enormous opportunities even in this small area. This apparatus is, in fact, a whole complex for emergency care. What is important – he can also monitor the patient’s condition, ”reports Pavel Remnev, correspondent for Zvezda.

There is even a telemedicine device to which you can connect an x-ray, an ultrasound machine and via satellite, in real time to collect consultations with specialists from Russia.

And, of course, humanitarian aid – military medics took drugs for all occasions. From several types of antibiotics to heart medications. Medicines will be given so that people can continue treatment at home.

So far, only three doctors work in the office: a therapist, a surgeon, and a traumatologist.

Source:  the Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV reported on November 25.