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Russian MoD: Up to 180 foreign mercenaries killed in Russian strikes on Ukrainian training centres

Up to 180 foreign mercenaries were killed in precision strikes carried out by Russia against Ukrainian training centres located at the Yavorovsky military compound and near the settlement of Starichi, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has stated.

He elaborated that these centres were being used to train and organise foreign mercenaries to fight Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine, as well as to store weaponry sent to the country by foreign nations.

“We will continue to target foreign mercenaries who arrive on the territory of Ukraine”, Konashenkov stated.

In addition, the Russian Air Force and air defences destroyed several Ukrainian aircraft, including one Su-24 (NATO reporting name: Fencer) attack jet and 11 unmanned aerial aircraft.

  • Two of them were Turkish-made Bayraktar TB-2 attack and reconnaissance drones.

Russian drones also destroyed 46 military objects of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including three command centres, one air defence missile system, and two ammunition warehouses, as well as various military vehicles, the Defence Ministry’s spokesman said.

Moscow has repeatedly called on foreign countries to prevent their citizens from travelling to Ukraine in order to join the hostilities there as the Russian Armed Forces conduct a special military operation in the country.

Moscow noted that anyone attacking Russian troops will be considered a valid target.

President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of the operation on 24 February, following a request from the newly recognised Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). He insisted that Moscow was left with no other choice after Kiev failed to implement the Minsk agreements and following continued attacks against the Donbass republics. Western countries condemned the operation, labelling it an “invasion” and expressed readiness to supply Ukraine with weapons, but stopped short of pledging other military assistance, citing fears of triggering a third world war.


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