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Debkafile push fake news(?) – ”Russian SU-35 jets reportedly thwart Turkish air strike in Manbij”

”According to Russian sources, a Turkish Air Force F-16 attempting to strike SDF headquarters in the northeaster Syrian town of Manbij was intercepted by Russian SU-35 jets. The date of the incident, reported on Tuesday, was not cited. Also unknown was whether the Russian jets intercepted the Turkish warplane over Syria or while still in Turkish airspace.”

”The Kremlin’s envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev on Tuesday called Turkey’s military offensive in northeast Syria “unacceptable” and denied Ankara’s operation had been cleared by Moscow in advance, as President Recep Erdogan had claimed. This was the second Russian warning to Turkey a day after the Kremlin ruled that Turkey’s incursion was “not exactly” compatible with Syrian territorial integrity.”

DEBKAfile:  Lavrentiev was the prime mover in the deal for Syrian forces to take over Kurdish areas and take part in their defense against the Turkish incursion.