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Sajid Sadpara to summit K2 in search of Ali Sadpara’s dead body, make documentary

Famed mountaineer Ali Sadpara’s son Sajid Sadpara announced that he will be summiting the K2 once again to make a documentary on his father and also to locate his dead body.

“I want to go to K2 to know what happened to my father and John Snorri,” said Sajid in a press conference as he announced his plans to start climbing the world’s second-tallest mountain from tomorrow.

“I am going to attempt to summit the K2 from tomorrow. My father went to K2 this year but did not return,” said Sajid as he spoke about the tragedy.

The mountaineer said that he and his team, on their journey to the top of K2, plan to make a documentary on the first Pakistani man that scaled the mountain.

“A documentary on the life of Jon Snorri and Ali Sadpara is in the making. [I hope] go to K2 to search [the dead body] and make a documentary,” said Sajid, adding that it may take him and his team 40 to 45 days to summit the peak.

Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr had departed for their journey to scale the K2 mountain on February 3 after Sadpara’s birthday, asking fans and admirers to “keep us in your prayers”.

They had started their attempt for the final summit in the early hours of February 5 , hoping to accomplish the herculean feat by afternoon.

Despite a thorough search by the Pakistan Army for the mounaineer and his companions, the expedition was not found and hence, Sadpara’s family had declared him dead.

“I will keep my father’s mission alive and fulfil his dream,” Sajid Sadpara had said.

Source: Geo News