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#SaveCicekKobane – Captured YPJ fighter Cicek Kobane has been found alive and transferred to Turkey for medical treatment, according to Turkish media sources.

Her capture caught a lot of attention. If the TFSA thugs executed her there would have been big repercussions.

It would be in Turkey’s self interest to keep her alive. Not that the situation for her is any better.



Yasser Abdulrahim, member of the jihadist group Faylaq al-Majd that kidnapped a woman & filmed themselves while abusing her, is military spox. of negotiating committee in . He was also invited to by Staffan De Mistura to represent “rebels”.

Faylaq al-Majd is made up of former radical jihadist group Nour al-Din al-Zenki who in 2016 beheaded a 10 years old Palestinian child in Aleppo.

Let’s state it clear: SDF/YPJ Cicek Kobani is a soldier captured by irregular troops employed by an occupying force.