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Scandalous tape of Palestinian President cursing China, Russia, US & All Arab States leaked online

The tape was reportedly recorded during Fatah Central Committee meeting, which was held on April 19.

The source of the leak is yet to be determined.

In the short tape, one of the attendees informs Abbas that the Central Committee has received a letter from China. The Palestinian president surprisingly responds by cursing China, Russia, the US and all Arab states.

“F*** the sister of China … to the sister of Russia, to the sister of America to the sisters of all Arabs,” Abbas can be heard saying in the tape.

Abbas Advisor, Mahmoud al-Habbash, claimed that the tape was fabricated to smear the Palestinian movement across the world.

“The malicious fabrications that we have always faced, the most recent of which was falsely attributed to Abu Mazen [Abbas], have not and will not succeed in influencing our steps and our national struggle against the occupation, nor will they succeed in disrupting our relations with our brothers and friends whom we cherish,” al-Habbash wrote on Facebook.

The leak came at a time when pressure is mounting on Abbas to cancel or postpone a set of elections-legislative on May 22, presidential on July 31 and Palestinian National Council on August 31- that was set by him on January 13.