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“Some of the terms, which were agreed upon by Russia and Turkey, don’t serve the interests of our people … Our opinion was not taken ahead and we were not a part of the agreement,” the North Press Agency (NPA) quoted.

The Kurdish commander, who is known by his nom de guerre “Mazlum Abdi,” added that the SDF had expressed its reservation on some of the agreement’s terms, thanking Russia for its efforts.

Commander-in-Chief Gen. @MazloumAbdi:
We have not yet agreed on 13 items
We demand a unified
SDF to have peculiarity in the military system
We continue communication in consultation with side
We do not trust & its promises

Despite Abdi’s statement, the Russian Military Police has already begun to conduct patrols along Turkey’s border. The Kurdish-led group is likely unpleased with the term forcing its fighters to withdraw from the region.

A unit of 300 military police officers from Russia’s Chechnya was sent to Syria. They flew from the North Ossetia airport to help divert Kurdish troops from the border with Turkey, as well as to ensure the security of the population and the maintenance of law and order.

In the near future, military police will begin to carry out tasks to assist in ensuring the security of the population and maintaining law and order, patrolling in designated areas, as well as assisting in the withdrawal of units of Kurdish self-defense forces and their weapons 30 kilometers from the Syrian border.

Also, more than 20 Tiger and Typhoon-U armored vehicles are being delivered from the airfields in Rostov and Krasnodar Krai to Syria Air Base in Syria, at which Russian military police will perform special tasks.

A footage shows the landing of the transport aircraft Il-76 VKS at the airport, as well as the unloading of personnel.