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Senior diplomatic source: ‘Israel will have supreme security authority over Gaza’

A senior diplomatic source spoke to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News on Sunday about the day after the war and stated that Israel will have be supreme security authority in the Gaza Strip.

  • “I do not want a different situation,” he emphasized.

In addition, the source noted that it was not enough just to rehabilitate Gaza but also to put it through a “process of de-Nazification. This culture of wanting to kill Jews still exists in the Palestinian Authority.”

  • The source discussed the issue of the hostages and the question of whether the ground operation would change Hamas’ will to strike a deal to free them. “We see something, but it’s still ripening. Beforehand, we didn’t see anything,” he stated.
  • “Even if there would be a ceasefire in return for the hostages,” the source clarified, “It would be temporary, and Israel would continue to work to collapse Hamas.”

In addition, he noted that there has been no offer to free foreign nationals.

The diplomatic source also mentioned the involvement of former Mossad Director Yossi Cohen in the issue of the hostages and the diplomatic negotiations.

  • “Yossi Cohen was not appointed by the Prime Minister as a representative,” the source clarified,
  • “He indeed spoke to the Prime Minister at the beginning of the war with a message from an Arab leader. The Prime Minister accepted the message but instructed him to act under current Mossad Director Barnea; parallel channels could confuse things.

The negotiations with the Qataris are led by the current Mossad director, together with the Nitzan Alon and the Shin Bet Director’s Intelligence Council.

They report to the war Cabinet,” he emphasized and concluded on the matter. It should be pointed out that the Prime Minister did send Cohen to one meeting with an Arab leader, and after that, he was subordinate to the current Mossad Chief, David Barnea.

Regarding the future of the negotiations with Saudi Arabia, which were advancing at a steady pace prior to the Hamas attack, the source stated:

  • “There are wise people in Saudi Arabia and Israel. The activities that we started before the war can be continued afterward, but on the condition we win.”

The source mentioned the front in Judea and Samaria and clarified that there is a need to contend with the threats and the needs in the region. The source spoke about the PA and noted:

  • “The option that they will turn on us is there.
  • ” Regarding the transfer of funds to the PA, the source clarified that the funds would be transferred on condition that nothing is transferred to the Gaza Strip and emphasized: “If they don’t want, they won’t get.”

The source also discussed the public debate over the Prime Minister’s political future.

  • “The Prime Minister is dealing only with one thing: leading the war,” he emphasized,
  • “Let the public deal with Gaza, the Prime Minister doesn’t intend on dealing with this now.”
  • However, the source did mention the claims about the “conception” regarding Hamas and stated:
  • “During Operation Protective Edge, no one in the cabinet voted to conquer Gaza.

Regarding the situation on the northern border, the source stated that, at the moment, Hezbollah could not break through the border because of the IDF’s deployment and preparedness. Therefore, an invasion from the north does not seem plausible. The source added that the residents of the north could return home after the war “thanks to the scope and intensity of the victory against Hamas” and also due to the military’s preparedness in the north.

  • “The IDF will prepare differently for a breach of the border, and not just for the infiltration of terror cells into communities,” he added,
  • “The IDF will be bigger, we will invest in the military.”

Source: Arutz Sheva