Senior haredi lawmaker calls on Likud to keep Yamina in the government

Outgoing Health Minister Yaakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) is working to achieve a rapprochement between the Likud and Yamina parties, according to a report Monday afternoon.

Kan reported Monday that Litzman met recently with Likud lawmaker Yariv Levin, in a bid to look for a way to keep Yamina in the government, and prevent the six-MK faction from joining the opposition.

According to the report, Litzman told Levin that the Likud “absolutely cannot break up the right-wing bloc.”

Litzman, who heads the United Torah Judaism party, maintained a close working relationship with Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett during the 20th Knesset.

On Sunday, the Yamina party declared it will not be joining the new unity government, set to be sworn in this Thursday, and will instead join the opposition.

“Yamina will prepare for the day after Netanyahu, which will come in a year and a half, and produce from the opposition a real alternative: a right that is not ready to sell the justice system to the left for personal survival, a right that is not ready to kowtow to Hamas and Abu Mazen [Abbas], a right that is truly committed to the development and authorization of settlements, a right that doesn’t sell Judaism to wheeler-dealers and the Israeli economy to Amir Peretz and the Histadrut, a right that does not give up on the struggle to remove the infiltrators and the rehabilitation of the neighborhoods,” the party said in a statement.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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