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Senior police official: ‘Crime leaders in Arab sector are mostly Shabak collaborators’

In a recent police hearing, in preparation for a meeting held today, Wednesday, between Commissioner Kobi Shabtai and Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev, a senior police official said that the criminals who are currently leading the serious crime in the Arab sector “are mostly Shabak collaborators,” Channel 12 reported.

According to the source, “in this situation the hands of police are bound, because it is not possible to touch those collaborators, who enjoy immunity.”

The Shabak rejected the allegations made by the senior police official, saying, “The police’s allegation of the involvement of Shabak collaborators is false and baseless. There is no connection between this allegation and the factual data that emerges from the investigation of the attacks and indictments.”

During the meeting between the commissioner and the Minister of Internal Security, the two dealt with the issue of nationalistic crime and the problems of the police in dealing with it.

Minister Bar-Lev noted that the public attributes to the police responsibility for the violent events that took place in the mixed cities involved during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

In his opinion, police investigators should be equipped with new capabilities and means, which are currently allowed to be used only by the Shabak.

Source: Arutz Sheva

Header: Palestinian protesters hurl stones during clashes with Israeli forces in the Shuafat Palestinian neighbourhood, neighbouring the Israeli settlement of Ramat Shlomo, in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem on May 14, 2021. – Israel faced a widening conflict, as deadly violence escalated across the West Bank amid a massive aerial bombardment in Gaza and unprecedented unrest among Arabs and Jews inside the country. The West Bank clashes, described as among the most intense since the second intifada that began in 2000, left seven people dead from Israeli fire, the Palestinian health ministry said, as the death toll from strikes in Gaza rose to 122. (Photo by Ahmad GHARABLI / AFP)