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Serbia is reportedly considering purchasing a Russian S-400 missile defense system with a long-term loan, Serbian outlet Vecherne Novosti reported.

“Serbia’s military and state leadership was impressed by the efficiency of the S-400 system [during the recent drills “Slavic Shield-2019″ with the participation of the Russian military]. In the coming months, they might hold talks with Moscow on acquiring a long-term loan for the purchase this missile defense system,” the newspaper wrote, citing its own sources.

The state is deciding what to buy and when, which is still an issue not discussed in the media, Serbian Defense Minister Alexander Vulin said regarding the speculation in media that there may be a long-term loan.

It should be reminded that during the Slavic Shield 2019 military exercises that ran through October 24th – 29th Serbia announced that it purchased the Pantsir-S defense system, and said that it hoped it could afford the S-400 missile defense system.

On the same day the rumors surfaced of the long-term loan for the purchase of the S-400, US Special Envoy to the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer expressed concern over the presence of Russian military equipment on Serbian territory and stressed that if Belgrade purchased Russian military equipment it would run the risk of imposing special sanctions on it.

“There is a degree of concern about the deployment of Russian military equipment on the territory of Serbia, but also about the possibility that Serbia requires specific Russian systems, which would run the risk of imposing special sanctions on the purchase of Russian military equipment, but we hope that our Serbian partners are aware of this. and that they will be wary of such transactions,” Palmer said regarding the recent military exercises of the Serbian and Russian Army” Slovenian Shield “, as well as the presence of the S-400 system in Belgrade.

Palmer also made an absurd statement, in view of the events of 1999 and subsequent claims by the US:

“I would even say that the best military partner of Serbia is America, but that does not mean that Serbia should not cooperate with Russia and create a military partnership with Moscow as well. However, we value our relationship with Belgrade and think that our military relationship is more recognizable than anything Russia is doing in that field with Serbia,” Palmer said in the interview with North Macedonian Alsat television.

This isn’t surprising, since outgoing Serbian Ambassador earlier said that the US-led NATO bombing of 1999 should be viewed in a “broad perspective.”

To reinforce the good and improving relations between Moscow and Belgrade, immediately after Slavic Shield 2019 ended, on October 30th another exercise began – the Bars-2019. The joint tactical exercises with Serbia involved 10 Russian aircraft in its southern region of Astrakhan.

Russian Defense Ministry footage Thursday showed Russian-made MiG-29 jet fighters and Mi-8 transport helicopters carrying out missions as part of the BARS-2019 flight drills.

Separately, US-state funded outlet Radio Free Liberty reported the following:

“The nations of the region — Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia – have expressed aspirations to join the European Union and NATO, with some more advanced in the process than others.”

Specifically naming Serbia as a country that would like to join NATO is a lie in its entirety.