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Serbia to let some businesses, markets reopen in partial easing of lockdown

The Serbian government said on Monday it would allow some businesses and markets to reopen, in a cautious easing of its nationwide lockdown following signs of a fall in the rate of coronavirus infections.

Businesses allowed to reopen from Tuesday include food markets, small retail stores, car mechanics, tailors, cobblers and dry cleaners.

The government also shortened a night curfew by one hour and said a 24-hour lockdown for people aged 65 and above would be eased, allowing them to leave their homes for 30 minutes on three evenings a week.

Authorities called on employers in the construction industry to resume work “adhering to protection measures and rules of social distancing.”

The restrictions will be restored if the rate of infection ticks higher again.

Serbia, which has a population of around seven million, has reported 6,630 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with 125 deaths, but epidemiologists have recorded a slowing in the rate of infections, Reuters said.