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Serbia’s Vucic says without Russia Belgrade would have paid op to $1,000 for gas

“Without Russia, there’d be no pipeline. There’d be no gas. I’d be paying 800-900 euros for gas today. Economically, Serbia can’t handle it,” Vucic told the SolovyovLive show on YouTube, published Tuesday.

According to the Serbian president, the friendly policy toward Moscow has borne fruit, citing the changes in the country’s capital of Belgrade over the years.

“You’ve noticed how Belgrade has changed since your last visit. You saw the airport. You saw all the construction happening in the city. This means our policy works,” Vucic noted.

The Serbian president is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Thursday. Vucic is planning to ask Putin for an agreement on the annual supply of 3 billion cubic meters of gas for a period of 10 years.