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Ayelet Shaked: The public decided – A right-wing government

MK Ayelet Shaked, one of the leaders of the Yamina faction, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the efforts underway to form a right-wing government following yesterday’s Knesset elections.

“The faction remains united, we worked very well in the elections. The public has clearly chosen the right-wing government, now it has to be seen how we will establish it,” Shaked said.

When asked about the seeming decline in the number of seats the Yamina faction received in the elections, Shaked replied: “This was a public election and we won.”

MK Matan Kahane said at the conclusion of the faction meeting, “We are continuing together with great strength. We are very happy about the victory of the right-wing bloc and hope that tomorrow we can form a government that will begin sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and restrain the power of the High Court and bring us a Jewish state with a Jewish spirit in agreement and understanding for everyone. We are glad that the public has spoken clearly.”

Kahane referred to the possibility that the High Court would not allow the government to impose the job of Prime Minister on Netanyahu, “We think that the current separation of powers in the State of Israel is not good enough. The judiciary somewhat extends its hand to the other authorities and limits its ability to act.”

”We definitely want to curb the power of the High Court and make another revision in the prosecutor’s office. These are things that are important to the State of Israel. We hope we can do that. ”

MK Kahane also referred to the decline in the right’s power, saying: “What matters to us is the right bloc, reaching 61.”