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Shaked to Netanyahu: ‘You’re in no position to preach; Yamina will form next government’

MK Ayelet Shaked answered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who earlier claimed that Naftali Bennett should decide whether he belongs to the Right.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I saw that you once again deflected the false spin onto Lapid, but I want to tell you, the one who made an alliance with Nissenkorn and Amir Peretz is in no position to preach morality to us. A lie that is repeated over and over again doesn’t become true, just like a lockdown we repeat again and again doesn’t become a success story,” Shaked said in a speech in the Knesset in a debate initiated by the opposition on government COVID-19 management.

Shaked added, “We in Yamina are honest politicians who don’t confuse our public. In the last three elections we said we’d only go with the Right and that we’re part of the Right bloc. Despite tempting proposals from the other side and believe me there were, we remained true to our promise to the voter.

“Mr. Prime Minister, you chose to dismantle the bloc, or as MK Gafni said only last Friday, ‘Netanyahu didn’t want Yamina in the government,’ I don’t know why,” Shaked accused.

She turned to the Blue and White faction and said, “You in Blue and White, for three elections you were elected on the motto of Just Not Bibi and you’ve become a dishrag in his government. I’m saying a clear thing here: We won’t be part of the Left’s political exercises. Yamina will form the next government.”

Earlier, while leaving the Likud faction meeting, the Prime Minister referred to recent polls and attacked Yamina Party Chairman Naftali Bennett.

“I’m not worried about the polls. I never succeed in the polls, only in elections. I noticed that Bennett voted for Lapid in the no confidence motion on the Prime Minister. So let him decide whether he is Right or not Right.

“I think it amazed a lot of people, it amazed me too. I can understand that they’re voting to dissolve the Knesset, but to vote for Yair Lapid as prime minister? A covenant between brothers,” Netanyahu said.

A poll published last night by Channel 13 News gives 27 seats to the Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu, three seats less than in the previous poll.

The Yamina Party led by Naftali Bennett won 24 seats, two more than in the previous poll. Yesh Atid-Telem rose to 21 seats, and Blue and White stands at eight seats.

The haredi bloc stands at 66 seats, compared to 46 seats for the center-Left bloc. Yisrael Beyteinu wins eight seats, as in the previous survey.

Source: Arutz Sheva