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Shaked: We believe in right-wing unity

Yamina Chairwoman, incoming MK Ayelet Shaked, made a statement to the media outside her home in Tel Aviv, referring to coalition negotiations between Likud and Blue and White.

“I wish good luck to Netanyahu and Gantz at their meeting with the president tomorrow. Netanyahu has updated the right-wing parties on the talks, and we adhere to and believe in right-wing unity, in a bloc of 55 MKs, and trust the prime minister to fulfill his commitment to the right-wing parties.”

The Likud party rejected claims Tuesday that it intends to abandon its right-wing allies in unity government talks with the Blue and White party, emphasizing in a statement that the Likud will continue to represent the entire right-wing – religious bloc in coalition negotiations.

The party accused Blue and White officials of sowing distrust among the Likud’s allies on the right, and attempting to sabotage the formation of a broad unity government.

“The false reports in the media are intended to spread tensions in the right-wing camp and to undermine the efforts to form a unity government.”

The Likud added that Immigration Minister Yariv Levin (Likud), who led the party’s coalition negotiating team in the previous round of talks, would represent the entire right-wing – religious bloc in coalition negotiations with Blue and White.

Earlier on Tuesday, Channel 12 reported that senior Blue and White officials had warned right-wing parties allied with the Likud that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had not mentioned them or the alliance – formed by Likud, Shas, United Torah Judaism, and Yamina last week – during his talks with Gantz Monday evening at the President’s Residence, suggesting the prime minister planned to betray the right-wing alliance.

“Netanyahu didn’t mention you during the meeting, he is going to betray you,” the officials are said to have told right-wing party leaders.

Following Netanyahu’s meeting with Gantz Monday evening, the prime minister spoke with leaders of Shas, UTJ, and Yamina to update them, and to reassure them that he is committed to maintaining the united front.