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Sheldon Adelson paper: Trump’s post-election conduct ‘an insult, a disservice’

Pro-Republican magnate Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper the Las Vegas Review publishes an editorial excoriating US President Donald Trump for peddling false claims of voter fraud.

Adelson has been a top Trump backer throughout his presidency.

The president “does a disservice to his more rabid supporters by insisting that he would have won the Nov. 3 election absent voter fraud. That’s simply false,” the editorial says.

“There is no evidence, however, that fraud cost Mr. Trump the election, no matter how much the president tweets the opposite and his supporters wish it so.”

“It’s an insult to reason and logic to argue that isolated irregularities constitute proof of a grand national conspiracy.”

Header: US President Donald Trump pats Las Vegas Sands Corporation chief executive and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson on the arm before speaking at the Israeli American Council National Summit in Hollywood, Florida, December 7, 2019. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Source: TOI