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NO DESIGN – Siberian discount chain wins over German consumers challenging local giants Aldi & Lidl

One of Russia’s largest thrift shop chains, Torgservis, has expanded to Germany with plans to open at least 100 stores in the east of the country. It aims to take on European hard discounters.

The retailer, which is already operating in other EU countries, has opened its first store in Leipzig last week under the brand name Mere, which it uses in Romania.

According to media reports, the opening day came as a real sell-out with long lines formed at the cash desks.

The stores of the Siberian retailer look more like warehouses, with goods placed in boxes and bags on pallets.

Seventy percent of the product range is low-cost food products as well as items for pets, household products, and apparel.

In 2018, the retailer entered the Romanian market, announcing that it wants to reach a network of 200-250 stores in two years on a hard discount format. In Romania, it is competing with two German chains Lidl and Penny Market that already have more than 400 stores together and a strong position on the market.



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