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Siberian virology research center to register coronavirus vaccine in September

The Vector state research center in Novosibirsk will complete pre-clinical studies of vaccine prototypes against the novel coronavirus in June and expects to register the ready-made vaccine in September, Center CEO Rinat Maksyutov said at a meeting with the Russian president on genetic technologies on Thursday.

“In June, we are completing the pre-clinical studies of the efficiency and safety of the finished pharmaceutical form of vaccines in a minimum amount sufficient for switching to clinical studies: the first and second phase involving 300 volunteers,” he said.

“Following your instruction of April 15 this year to cut the term of introducing the vaccine for the prevention of the novel coronavirus infection, we expect to register this vaccine already in September this year,” the Vector head said, addressing the Russian president.

The Vector research institute has completed the laboratory tests of vaccine prototypes on sensitive animals. Following their results, three promising preparations have been determined, Maksyutov explained.

Thus, one synthetic vaccine and the vaccine based on the flu virus will be produced by Vector while the third vaccine based on the vesicular stomatitis virus will be developed by the center’s industrial partner, he said.

Header: MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA – MAY 7, 2020: A medical worker in a protective suit attends a patient in an intensive care department of the Federal Clinical Center of Higher Medical Technologies of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency (Clinical Hospital No 119) in the town of Khimki. The medical facility treats COVID-19 patients, patients with suspected coronavirus and patients with viral community-acquired pneumonia. Sergei Bobylev/TASS

Source: TASS