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Slovenia & Hungary aim to reopen border by June 1, agree on road map

“Restarting our economies is not possible without restarting international cooperation,” Szijjarto wrote on his Facebook page.

Hungary started lifting coronavirus restrictions in Budapest from Monday.

Residents returning to shops or traveling on public transport will have to wear face masks.

As of Monday, Hungary had reported 3,535 cases of coronavirus, 462 deaths and 1,400 recoveries. Slovenia had reported 1,466 cases and 104 deaths, according to Reuters.

Thousands of cyclists took over the center of Ljubljana once again on Friday to protest against Slovenia’s center-right government, a day after the authorities declared an end to the epidemic, while also loosening restrictions.

Protesters claimed the government is clamping down on civil rights by attacking the media and limiting the rights of environmental groups.

Header: Protesters wearing protective face masks attend an anti-government demonstration in Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 8, 2020.