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So who is in charge of America? We really don’t know

So who is in charge of America? We really don’t know

A Special Counsel, hired by the Department of Justice, has found Joe Biden too feeble to serve as president.

That’s the crux of it, as the report goes on to call him. “an elderly old man with a poor memory.”

We needed a Special Counsel for this? For something that everybody knows? This has been known for years, by America, by the world, and certainly by Israel.

An hour after the devastating report came out, or maybe it was moments before, this leader of the Free World, hallucinated that Israel’s military actions against Hamas was “over the top.”

  • So it is with a man who suffers from “poor memory.” He forgets Oct.7.

About the report, which landed like a sizzling grenade on all news desks, even the liberal media had to concede that the gist of it is “politically harmful” for Biden.

Harmful for Biden. How about the rest of us, some 320 million voyaging into the unknown like a ship without a captain, or a pilot who can’t remember east from west?

To mix the metaphor, off we go like the Titanic.

For the Democrats, the report is a serious setback, since everything is about themselves, and never the country.

That is why they’ll stick with Biden, push him to the starting gate, drag him to the finish line, even though this horse only has three legs, or can’t remember why he is in a race

All along, it has been no secret that Biden is not in charge.

  • Some say it’s Obama who’s boss behind the curtain. Makes sense.
  • Since quite frequently Biden refers to himself as vice president. The media ignore such forgetfulness. That’s just Joe being Joe, and if you are a Democrat, everything is forgiven.

If you are a Republican, no hope, no chance.

Sometimes Joe mentions Kamala Harris as the president. She does not correct him because she knows something. She’s next in line.

Should anything happen to Joe Biden, between now and then, she becomes President of the United States and leader of the Free World.

Such are the charms of Affirmative Action, or the Peter Principle, which asserts that mediocrity, or plain stupidity, rises to the top.

All this, ladies and gents, is the leadership of America…owned and operated by the Democrat Party.

So who you gonna call when you need assistance? If, say, you are the prime minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, and there is urgent business to discuss, you call, but nobody answers. Nobody’s home.

Or, maybe worse, Joe Biden does pick up the phone but thinks he’s talking to Trudeau of Canada.

  • Just the other day, Biden confused the leader of Mexico with the leader of Egypt.

This is not about old age. Biden has never been top stuff. Throughout his 40 years in Congress, he was always a back-bencher.

He got to the top because the Democrats fixed it so. They have ways.

There is talk that the Democrats may turn to Michelle Obama as their candidate if finally, they concede that Biden is a hopeless case.

What are her qualifications to serve as leader of the most powerful nation on earth? Same as Kamala Harris.

Will the American voter wake up before it’s too late?

Source: Jack Engelhard – Arutz Sheva.