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Soldier: ‘My dog gave me the signal – get back!’

Since the beginning of the fighting, Oketz (K-9) Unit fighters and dogs from the Marom Special Operations Brigade exposed approximately 50 booby-trapped explosive devices and dozens of weapons stockpiles.

Female combat soldiers from the unit have played a significant role in supporting the efforts to locate findings regarding the Israeli hostages held captive in the Gaza Strip.

As part of their unit’s activities, Oketz (K-9) soldiers and dogs discovered explosives in a room at the Rantisi hospital, as well as a weapons stockpile. They also helped locate the bodies of slain hostages Yehudit Weiss and Noa Marciano in the area of the al-Shifah Hospital.

In another activity, one of the unit’s dogs located a barrel of explosives set to harm arriving forces.

Four dogs that fought alongside the troops were killed in combat while defending the soldiers in the Gaza Strip. They will be buried in the unit’s cemetery according to protocol.

The four dogs who were killed in battle were identified as Mido, Taiga, Jack, and Ghandi.

Source: Arutz Sheva