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Some 68,000 foreigners vaccinated against COVID in Moscow

Some 68,000 foreign nationals have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection in Moscow, Moscow’s anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Sunday.

“Over the four day of the operation of the biggest vaccination center in Moscow’s Luzhniki, around 24,000 foreigners have used its services to get inoculated. Notably, the center is capable of receiving twice as many people a day.”

“In all, 68,000 foreign nationals have been vaccinated in the capital city against the coronavirus infection,” it said.

The center for vaccination against COVID-19 opened at the Luzhniki stadium on July 7.

It is primarily meant for work with foreign nationals and is capable of handling some 15,000 people a day.

Apart from that, foreign nationals can get vaccinated at a migration center in the village of Sakharovo near Moscow and at 25 city polyclinics.

Foreign nationals are vaccinated with the Sputnik Light one-dose vaccine.

Source: TASS