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According to official press releases, the positive cases of COVID-19 in Italy as of October 28th totaled 617,000, of which 279,000 healed. The deaths are 38,127 (the figure refers to the number of positives, regardless of the actual cause of death). The positives are in the great majority those who once defined themselves as healthy carriers (now curiously called “non-symptomatic patients”).

The Italian population is 60,391,000. In 2017, 650,614 people died in Italy (in 2019, 647,000). Deaths from respiratory diseases in 2017 were 53,372. Those for cardiovascular diseases 230,283 (ISTAT data).

According to scientific studies, the IFR ( Infection fatality rate, or mortality rate) forCOVID-19 is around 0.6% (see “Organisms, Journal of biological Sciences”, vol. 4, n. 1, 2020, p. 6).

It is on the basis of these data that constitutional freedoms were suspended, the population was terrified, social life canceled, the mental and physical health of men seriously threatened.

30 October 2020
Giorgio Agamben


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