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South Koreans to be airlifted from Israel

South Korean nationals to be airlifted out of Israel as of Monday at the expense of the Israeli government.

Israeli and South Korean airliners will participate in the airlift that will transport South Koreans stranded in Israel, on direct flights to Seul.

Health Authorities will monitor the health of passengers before they board.

The planes will then return to Israel and undergo a process to disinfect them.

The 200 South Koreans quarantined in Israel will not be held at an IDF base in the settlement of Har Gili following protests from the residents, but will instead be held at Ben-Gurion Airport.

The decision to house the group in the settlement sparked an outcry from local residents of Har Gilo, who took to the streets in protest, blocking roads and demanding that Defense Minister Naftali Bennett cancel the “dangerous and unreasonable decision.”

As a result of the diagnosis Israel has now extended the entry ban to South Korea and Japan. The nationals of the two countries won’t be allowed to enter Israeli territory, while any Israelis returning from the two states must self-quarantine for 14 days.

Header: Residents of Har Gilo protest the plan to quarantine South Koreans in their settlement.