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Space technology equipment stolen from Russian Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia

The perpetrators were also alleged caught on video by surveillance cameras. The incident happened at the Moscow region near Korolev.

The founder of the “Open Space” community Vitaly Egorov claimed that given the high cost of space electronics, the damage can reach tens of millions of rubles.

RBC cited an anonymous source from Roscosmos who claimed that among the stolen equipment were circuit boards [cards], including the science and energy module, which is designed to provide the Russian segment of the ISS with electricity, as well as Swiss-produced equipment.

“The deadlines for the implementation of major projects are, in fact, disrupted. This is a multifunctional laboratory module, a scientific and energy module, and a promising ship, the “Federation.” I will tell you honestly, I thought that I imagined the scale of the disaster, but when I plunged into all of this, I realized that the problems were much worse and much more complicated.”


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