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Spain’s coronavirus death toll DROPS by 2,000… after new counting system introduced

The Covid-19 figures were revised downward on Monday, after health authorities rolled out a new counting system.

The current sharp drop in the coronavirus death numbers comes after the government was able to identify cases that had been counted twice, as well as to exclude altogether deaths that had been wrongly attributed to the virus.

Spain’s health ministry warned that “the discrepancies that may appear with respect to the data on total cases previously reported are the result of their validation by the autonomous communities and the transition to the new surveillance strategy.” It added that the figures are likely to fluctuate in the next few days as well.

However, even with the revised tally, Spain remains one of the worst affected by the pandemic. The total number of Covid-19 deaths now stands at 26,834 – 1,918 less than the total yesterday. The number of confirmed cases dropped by several hundreds as well, and currently stands at the 235,400 mark.

Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has already killed nearly 350,000 people, and more than 5.5 million have been infected.

Original: RT