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Storm in Knesset plenum: Eichler presents pictures of children beaten in demonstrations

UTJ MK Yisrael Eichler tonight accused the government of “sending police to beat haredi children” and from the podium he pulled out a huge poster with pictures of haredim wounded in demonstrations.

“Those who should be ashamed are the government envoys, who act in the name of emergency laws from British times,” Eichler was furious.

He previously said, “We’re proud to be Jews who know how to pass on to future generations that the Jewish tradition continues unabated despite all the decrees and attempts. Those who should be ashamed are those emissaries of government who went out during the holiday to a brutal pogrom that is unparalleled. In malice and wickedness, small children were beaten, went wild in rage, and caused people to congregate and spread the virus far more than any other group in the population. Not all the police wanted that. Some of them are heartbroken to be jackboots and to expel Jews from the synagogues, but the monarchy has ruled.

“My Jewish conscience will not allow me to trust the government that sends jackboots to be cruel to Jewish children. I will not vote confidence today in the government,” he declared.

Source: Arutz Sheva