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Strange Coincidence: Namru3 US Military Lab Moved from Egypt Before Covid Pandemic

December 2019. The world is about to discover the new Sars Cov2 virus. Later, it would become known that allegedly the virus has been traveling around the world at least since the end of the summer of 2019.

Exactly, when Sars Cov2 was discovered, the US Navy moved one of its strategic pawns amid the spread of endemic diseases.

Naval Medical Research Unit-3, or NAMRU-3, is the largest Department of Defense overseas lab, formally established in Cairo in 1946. On 12 December 2019, the American forces press office reported that the Namru 3 Laboratory had been transferred from Cairo (Egypt), to the Sigonella air base, in Sicily.

What are Namrus? They are the US Navy’s medical and scientific research laboratories.

Their network is spread all over the world and controls every corner of the planet.

Namru Labs belong to the GEIS network (Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System) of the US DoD. They are in direct contact with the CDC, the Center for Disease Control.

When the Covid 2019 pandemic explodes, the scientific world explains that it is the first zoonotic infection between bat and human being. This is not true. At Namru 3, then based in Cairo, they know this well.

Reading the US Navy papers, it becomes clear that since 2014, those laboratories have preserved biological samples of the Sars Cov2’s ancestor. Those virus samples were also shared with the CdC.

On December, 12, 2019, the Us Navy announced the transfer of Namru 3 from Cairo to the Nas base in Sigonella: “Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) 3 began its relocation from Cairo to Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella, Italy, during a ceremony in which Capt. Marshall Monteville assumed command of the unit.”

“NAMRU-3 looks forward to continuing its important work out of Sigonella – said Monteville- no matter where our HQ functions are located, we will always meet our mission in supporting the health and enhancing lethality of our forces deployed throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.”

In the same document, the commander of Namru 3 confirmed the relationship between the laboratories and the CDC:”NAMRU-3 partners with the CDC and other organizations frequently. The unit provided collaborative research support with the Ministry of Health, CDC, WHO, and U.S. Agency for International Development during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia, and has also been instrumental in research capacity-building initiatives throughout Egypt, West Africa, and the Middle East.”

The decision to relocate the command away from Cairo was made because of the “necessary security upgrades that are required for the NAMRU-3 facilities” and Sigonella was identified as a perfect location for headquarter operations.

What a strange coincidence: military laboratories need higher levels of security right on the eve of the pandemic that has destroyed the world economy.

But there is more. Namru 3 is one of the leading laboratories that fight against the coronaviruses. They have studied and worked with them since 2013, according to the press office of the US military.

In June 2014, the Naval and medical research development newsletter wrote that Navy Lab in Cairo had identified the first cases of Middle East coronavirus.

“A Defense Department-funded lab in Egypt detected the earliest-known cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, a new coronavirus strain that is infecting people on the Arabian Peninsula, an expert from DOD’s global disease surveillance system said.”

The lab shared samples so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could develop tests for the virus. MERS-CoV was found in camels in Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and in a bat in Saudi Arabia. Camels in other countries were tested positive for MERS-CoV antibodies, thus they have been infected with MERS-CoV or a closely related virus. However, CDC says it needs more information to identify the potential role of camels, bats or other animals in MERS-CoV transmission.

“We also do surveillance on diseases that aren’t necessarily militarily relevant but are relevant to global public health because sick people can board aircraft and carry infectious diseases anywhere in the world within 24 hours.”

A correct prophecy. The samples of the virus were saved at NAMRU-3.

Source: Piero Messina – SOUTHFRONT