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Supporters of global deep-state suffer setbacks but this would change nothing

Parties representing the European branch of the Global Deep State largerly remained in control of the European Parliament. Political forces representing interests of the European nations and states failed to deliver a devastating blow to the bureaucracy and globalists and would remain in the opposition.

This is an important symptom of the current state of the EU political landscape. The wave of terrorist attacks and violence as well as the radicalization of the society and the decreasing  real earnings of the population did not affect the mainstream political parties as much as some experts had expected. Taking into account this and the large-scale propaganda campaign in the mainstream media in the support of the globalist, “neo-liberal” world order, constructive European political forces would likely not be able to strengthen their positions further in the next electoral cycle. The window of opportunities to change the current course and move towards the national and industrial development of the core European countries is closing.