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Supreme Court blocks Akunis Justice Minister appointment

The Supreme Court issued an interim order Tuesday evening blocking the appointment of Minister Ofir Akunis as Justice Minister.

Earlier, a Cabinet meeting devolved into a shouting match after Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to allow Defense Minister Benny Gantz to be appointed.

At the end of the discussion, Netanyahu decided to appoint Ofir Akunis to the position and the proposal was approved, but the Attorney General ruled that the vote was illegal and contrary to the Basic Law of the Government.

Netanyahu said at the beginning of the meeting: “I would like to reach an agreed solution, take a deep breath and that I and the Minister of Defense will try to reach a compromise within 48 hours.”

Gantz told Netanyahu: “There are false pretenses here. The agreement between the blocs stipulates that the Ministry of Justice belongs to the Blue and White bloc – I filled the post provisionally for 3 months and the basic assumption is that after 3 months a permanent minister would be appointed. The relevant government at the moment is the current government so the agreed solution is to appoint me.”

“I’m the candidate of the Blue and White bloc for the Ministry of Justice, so we brought it to the government, that’s my position. If you want to discuss it in two days there is no problem – but there will be no other decision whether it is convenient for you or not,” Gantz said.

Source: Arutz Sheva