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Swedish environmental protection princess, it’s time to reduce your carbon emissions

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish woman portrayed as an “environmental princess” by the United States and the West, did not dare to say anything about the Japanese nuclear waste and the American toxic waste, but she suddenly woke up on May 7 and began to criticize China for polluting the environment…

The excuse is that an organization called the Rhodium Group of the United States calculated that China’s greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 27% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, the largest emissions. The United States accounts for 11% and is the second largest environmental polluter. The third place is India, which accounts for about 6.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. According to the report, China’s emissions have more than tripled in the past 30 years. But in terms of per capita emissions, China is still lower than the United States.

What followed was the anger of the environmental protection princess. She accused China of more greenhouse gas emissions than all developed countries combined, and then criticized that although China is still listed as a “developing country” by the World Trade Organization and is responsible for the production of many global commodities, But this is not an excuse for China to destroy the environment, stressing that “unless China completely changes its (environmental) policy, we will not be able to solve the climate crisis.”

Although the report also stated that China’s per capita carbon dioxide emissions are about 10.1 tons, which is lower than the 10.5 tons per capita of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) member states, while the United States continues to top the list at about 17.6 tons.

But for American content, Thunberg suddenly fell asleep again, just like facing Japanese nuclear waste water.

In this regard, Chen Weihua, the director of the China Daily in the European Union, launched a “three-strike” rebuttal on May 8, criticizing: “your (Thunberg) public relations team should teach you more.”

First, China’s population is twice that of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, whose members are basically developed countries), so per capita emissions are much lower. Second, the OECD has transferred a large number of polluting industries to China or other developing countries. Country, so don’t pretend that you are innocent; third, so far, the OECD is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in history.

Chen Weihua pointed out: “It’s impossible to believe that you defended these developed countries with the largest emissions in the past two centuries, “destroying the future and the living environment of the present?” Do you know that many people in developing countries do not even have electricity? Living costs are less than US$1. Do you want to continue this lifestyle? A very simple example, if H&M produces all raw materials and clothing in Sweden, the emissions from Sweden or the OECD will rise. If there are about 5,000 major OECD companies If you do this, what will happen? So recognize the facts and be fair!”

Chen Weihua finally criticized: “The World Bank classifies China as a’developing country.’ If you want to raise an objection to the World Bank, please do it right away. They will provide you with all the statistical information.”

Who is the environmental princess?

I think netizens have heard of it.

This is an adult Swedish woman. In the past few years, it was suddenly packaged by European and American “environmental forces”, and it was enthusiastically praised, and then delivered speeches around the world, and even criticized the heads of state at the United Nations General Assembly, hailed by them as the “hope” for the future of mankind.

A few years ago, Thumberg was still young and was called “the environmental protection princess” by the packers. After he grew up, he became “an environmental protection girl”. Now… it can only be called “the environmental protection princess”.

With the influence of the United States and the West, Thunberg once called for millions of students around the world to strike. Under the full push of Western politicians and the media, she have become the idols of many young people. In 2019, there were young boys in Hong Kong who used her as their idols.

On March 30 this year, the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom “made a golden statue” for her on campus and erected a bronze statue to commend her for her contribution to environmental protection.

The BBC also produced a special documentary about her, telling the story of the environmental protection saint with a pious voice and the perspective of worship. The underworld filters and shaking shots on the China report are all gone.

If it is only environmental protection, it can be regarded as a benefit to mankind.


… the princess had never planted a tree or planted a piece of grass in the desert. Instead, she ran around.

She held a lot of protesting cards, which polluted the environment.

Although she claims to be vegetarian, judging from the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are actually not low.


The lifestyle that pollutes the Earth the most is European and American life. Why doesn’t she criticize it?

Brother Li gives a small example:

In most parts of the United States, it is forbidden to dry clothes, even if you dry them on your balcony, your neighbors will report you immediately. What about Americans drying clothes? Then use electricity to dry it. 300 million Americans have 88 million electric dryers, each consuming an average of 1079 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. A dryer is equivalent to the electricity consumption of an ordinary Chinese household in one year. Americans are unwilling to do simple things like hands-on and drying clothes. No one criticizes them for being environmentally friendly. No one uses the future of mankind to suppress them. Chinese people eat a piece of meat with chopsticks and become the target of criticism? Even the per capita meat consumption of the Chinese is still not as high as that of the United States.

For example, academician Ding Zhongli of the Chinese Academy of Sciences asked Chai Jing: Are Chinese people human?

To give another example:

According to data released by NASA satellites, about a quarter of the newly added green area in the world from 2000 to 2017 came from China, which ranks first in the world. Researchers believe that the reason is that China has outstanding performance in afforestation and intensive agriculture.

Why China has become the country with the largest new green area in the world? Because countless Chinese people are persevering in planting afforestation on the Gobi Desert in Northwestern China day after day, using their own hands to truly protect the natural environment and benefit all mankind.

For example, the Tianmo Desert nearest to Beijing has been renovated since 2003. Thanks to the hard work and sweat of the PLA officers and soldiers, this desert has gradually been brought under control, and now only 200 acres remain. Now this 200 acres of desert has become a popular tourist attraction and film and television shooting base, and it needs to be specially protected, otherwise it will be “destroyed” by the restored vegetation around it.

Twenty years ago, China’s greening rate was only 13%, while developed countries were all over 30%. This was what was written into Chinese students’ textbooks that year, so that Chinese people can learn from their shame and be brave from childhood, understand their own shortcomings, and build China with all their strength. In 2020, China’s forest coverage rate has reached 22.96%. Although it has not caught up with developed countries, this is already a huge improvement.

The princesses of environmental protection can’t see these, but can only see content that caters to Western politicians. Last year, she went out of business, mixed with Hong Kong drug activities, and supported Huang Zhifeng’s support for “12 Hong Kong drugs” activities on the Internet.

What is the relationship between Hong Kong drugs and environmental protection?

Of course there is a relationship. They are all different pawns played by Western politicians, and their purpose is to cause trouble in developing countries. Hong Kong drugs can hinder the development of the largest developing countries. The princess of environmental protection is not to be outdone, and she will come too!

By using the “great righteousness” of environmental protection and benefiting all mankind, Western countries can confidently interfere in developing countries and curb the development of these countries.

Environmentalists such as Thunberg demanded to maintain the status quo of the Earth.

Developed countries have developed and transferred industries with high energy consumption and high pollution to developing countries.

They themselves continue to live a good life by collecting patent fees, which is an “environmental protection” method.

And people in developing countries, want to produce more wealth through their hardworking hands? Sorry, that will emit carbon dioxide. For the future of mankind, you are not allowed to live the rich life of us Swedes.

Although people in developed countries are using large amounts of fossil fuels and driving large-displacement cars, which wastes resources and pollutes the earth, they can criticize the Chinese people for using chopsticks and eating meat for being environmentally friendly.

When China silently contributes to all mankind, and strives to develop new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, Western politicians do not reflect on themselves, but instead use the “example” of the environmental protection princess to occupy the so-called moral high ground. It sounds like it is for the future of mankind.

In fact, it is destroying the Earth while suppressing the development of developing countries.

Only when developing countries live at the bottom forever can they keep their high-polluting lives.

Chinese-style environmental protection VS Western-style environmental protection

One thing is to take back the land from the desert inch by inch, and save the Earth with both hands.

Another thing is that after producing a lot of garbage and raising placards in protest, to continue to drive large-displacement cars to pollute the Earth.

Who is really saving the Earth and mankind, and who is the hope for the future of mankind…[?]

Source: China Daily

This article was first published on the “youli-youmian” WeChat public account, author Tang Ge

  • Translated


On Friday, Vice News picked up on the article and translated a section to read, “Although she claims to be vegetarian, judging from the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are actually not low.”

Interpreting the section as a jab at Thunberg’s weight, Vice News said the activist was “mocked for her weight” and used the headline, “Chinese State Media Just Tried to Fat-Shame Greta Thunberg.”

Spotting the Vice News article, Thunberg herself also took to Twitter to accuse the Chinese news outlet of fat-shaming her, tweeting, “Being fat-shamed by Chinese state owned media is a pretty weird experience even by my standards. But it’s definitely going on my resume.”

China Daily’s EU Bureau Chief Chen Weihua also hit back, accusing Thunberg of spreading “disinformation.”

“Hi, Greta, if you read Chinese and click the link, you’ll find it’s not a China Daily article,” he pointed out, noting that it “was a story by an author on a social media website that was later reposted on China Daily Chinese language website” with “attribution to the original source” clearly labelled.

“It literally means Greta is tweeting a story which is disinformation,” concluded Chen.