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Swords of Iron out, Genesis War in? The answer may be blowin’ in the wind

A government committee tasked with slapping official names on things will meet next week to consider a new name for Swords of Iron, Israel’s official, and apparently regretted, moniker for its war against Hamas, Kan reports.

According to the station, the leading alternatives are:

Genesis War: The name refers to the biblical book Jews traditionally begin reading on Simhat Torah, the holiday Israel was celebrating on October 7 when Hamas launched its surprise assault.

Simhat Torah War

War of the Winds: This name is a bit of a freestyle translation from the Hebrew name “mashiv haruach” which literally translates to “blowing of the wind,” part of a short prayer for rain Jews in Israel traditionally begin reciting on Simhat Torah.

  • Kan earlier reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained to cabinet ministers on Sunday about the name Swords of Iron, saying that while it was fit for a military operation, it was an insufficient name for a war.
  • According to the station, Netanyahu suggested Gaza War, but was advised to reconsider because his address in Jerusalem is Aza Street, the Hebrew name for Gaza.
  • The premier reportedly likes Genesis War because it sounds good in English. Given the alternatives, ToI finds it hard to argue with that reasoning.

Representatives of Netanyahu’s office are expected to attend the meeting, along with officials from the defunct Hasbara Ministry, the National Security Ministry, the National Security Council and the IDF, Kan reports.

Source: TOI


Instead of planning actions we have time and resources to invent names for them?

You can call it “Rage of Fluffy Rabbit” who cares, I want swift and winning results on the battlefield !

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