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About Synthetic Life

Western culture, in contrast with Eastern philosophy was always looking outside to find answers for life.

In history, during the evolution technology, the tools humans used to enhance their life was always the key factor making the difference.

Leaders of synthetic life research (together with all the other digerati) are already discussing

[…] how the world will be changed by the ability to routinely read genetic sequences into computing systems and then store, replicate, alter and insert them back into living cells.

This bi-directional interface between biological and synthetic life which is hosted in the digital universe will be the new sense transiting us to the new metasystem.

All these advancements presented above, at the rise of the singularity as the next metasystem transition — were done by humans using their brain capacity potential far from the maximum.

Easterners state, believe and prove through mind training — instead of focusing on technological advancements — the brain capacity can be used at maximum. In other words new senses can be developed alone by humans without building artificial universes and interfaces around.

With a fully opened mind one can sense and experience parallely existing universes. And (sometimes?) the effort to open your mind is less than building a new world.

So which pill you take? The West or the East? Clone yourself into digital or take a journey inside to a socratesian experience? Maybe both?