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The bare life and the vaccine – La nuda vita e il vaccino – The concept. Giorgio Agamben

What is the figure of [a] bare life that is in question today in the management of the pandemic?
It is not so much the [figure of a…] patient who is isolated and treated as a patient [who] has never been treated [in this way] in the [whole] history of medicine; rather, it is the infected or – as it is defined with a contradictory formula – the asymptomatic patient.

Rammstein: “We have to live till we die” is the COVID-era inspiration we all need — Supplement to “Si è abolito ” – Giorgio Agamben

“Further, further into ruin / We have to live till we die”
For Giorgio Agamben and many protesters against lockdown and social distancing, the Dalai Lama who pretends to protect us but in reality suffocates our social freedoms is the authorities, who while ostensibly seeking to protect us, choke out our ability to live before we have to die.

Contact philosophy – Giorgio Agamben

Touch, which seems inferior to the other senses, is then in some way the first.
If, as we are now perversely trying to do, we abolish all contact, if everything and everyone were kept at a distance, then we would lose not only the experience of other bodies, but above all, all immediate experience of ourselves, we would lose purely and simply our flesh.