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Ten captives were killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza: report

A report on the independent Israeli website Hamkom says that 10 captives have been killed by Israeli air raids in Gaza – some even as the Israeli military had intelligence that they were in buildings that were targeted.

The Israeli army reported they “died in Hamas captivity”.

A recent survey found that the majority of Israelis now believe that an “absolute victory” in Gaza is unlikely.

Many Israelis have also criticised the government for not doing enough to prioritise the return of the remaining captives in Gaza, several of whom have been killed by Israeli attacks and only a small number of whom were recovered through military operations.

  • “It seems to indicate a growing chorus of critical voices inside Israel amongst the public about, if not the way this war is being pursued, then certainly the aims and objectives and how quickly they’re being achieved,” journalist Willem Marx told Al Jazeera from occupied East Jerusalem.
  • “One of the major sticking points for many members of the Israeli public centres around the hostages remaining inside Gaza. And a big concern that’s becoming increasingly, publicly voiced by people is that the current aggressive military action inside Gaza is not helping to bring those hostages back to their loved ones.”

Source: Al Jazeera