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Teva says it’s in talks with COVID vaccine makers to help produce shots

Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals is holding talks on co-manufacturing coronavirus vaccines with companies making the shots, the company’s CEO said Wednesday.

Kare Schultz told the Reuters news agency: “We do have some discussions with originators of the original vaccines. We have not come to any conclusion.”

He said the company is looking to manufacture vaccines that “have been approved or are just about to be approved,” and said Teva approached and was approached by vaccine producers.

He did not name any specific companies.

Schultz told Bloomberg that Teva was offering its manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe and elsewhere to help immunization efforts.

“There are a limited number of facilities that can do this kind of manufacturing, and it takes time to build them,” he said.

Teva assists in the distribution and storage of vaccine shots in Israel.

It has the ability to make the ingredients used in the Moderna and Pfizer shots, Bloomberg reported.

Teva is the world’s largest generic drugmaker but has had a rocky several years as it faces litigation in the US surrounding opiates and price-fixing charges.

Schultz made the statements about vaccine production after the drugmaker issued tepid fourth-quarter financial results.

Header: A Teva worker at the Teva Pharmaceuticals’ logistics center in Shoham, where coronavirus vaccines are stored and distributed around the country, on January 7, 2021. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

Source: TOI