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The data on the increase in the number of infected do not bother Prof. Yoram Lass: “This is called herd immunity”. Emphasized: “Everyone is infected, and that is good”

The Ministry of Health updated this morning (Thursday) that almost 9000 verified corona virus infections were detected in one day. Do the new data disprove all of Prof. Yoram Les’ claims since the outbreak of the corona plague – or vice versa? Professor Yoram Les explained to the listener why the increase in the number of infected is part of a process of herd immunity:

“There is an increase in infection, and a decrease in mortality.”

The second closure across the country continues, and the anger is only growing: “The closure is killing” • Explained: “This is a death blow to the economy, society and education”

One listener wondered how many Israelis had already been infected with the corona virus but without symptoms • Prof. Lass: “A significant part of the Israeli population is infected with the corona”

Source: 103FM – MAARIV (tramslated)