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The FIRST – ORIGINAL POST: Russia’s RT claimed that 3 gunmen were involved in the attack

The shooting incident at the FSB public reception office on Kuznetsky Most Street, 23, erupted at 18:10 local time.

Three unknown persons broke into the building and opened fire on the premises. In the following exchange of fire with the guard of the office, two attackers were killed. The third attacker fled the building and continued shooting on the street. A traffic police officer on duty was killed in front of the building.

The attacker covered about 300 meters, to the end of the Kuznetsk bridge, and turned to Vorovsky Square. He moved along Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, where he barricaded himself in one of the rooms of the building # 2. From there, he periodically fired at deploying law enforcement officers.

At 19:15 local time, the third attacker was neutralized. According to preliminary data, the security services consider the incident to be a terrorist attack.

The western media story:

Security guard, 39, shot dead by police after he stormed Russian security service’s Moscow headquarters killing three and injuring five

  • Yevgeny Manyurov, 39, was a security guard from Moscow suburb of Podolsk
  • He killed three people, including FSB officer, and injured five during attack
  • Manyurov was ‘neutralised’ by police and fatally shot at the scene
  • He opened fire on the FSB headquarters in Lubyanka Square around 6pm Thursday