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The WordPreSS abuse -UPDATE

To demonstrate the abusive way of dealing with the opinions of those who disagree with the new WordPress editor (Gutenberg), I decided to post on WordPress Gutenberg’s forum the moderator’s email informing me that my review was ‘archieved’, without any other remarks, leaving the forum members to draw their own conclusions:

‘My comment was deleted. I received the email listed in-full, below. I would ask the users to draw the conclusions. I have no other comments regard this plugin.

”This review spends the first half critiquing the websites of others, which honestly isn’t adding any value here, and just invites further comments. We used to have a critique arena before, and removed it because we appreciate that everyone views things differently and it doesn’t help anyone.

I’ve therefore archived this review, you are welcome to make a new review of the Gutenberg plugin, but if you do refrain from critiques and directly addressing individuals, since that won’t go anywhere good.” ‘

One comment on my opinion, from another user:

‘You are not the only one who gets his reviews or review comments on the Gutenberg plugin removed. If you subscribe yourself to the plugin then you get a good picture of whats happening. I have been a moderator and admin on forums myself and in my book the moderation that’s currently going on on and specifically the Gutenberg plugins reviews section is not what i would expect from moderation. Reviews are the location where people should be able and allowed to speak out their mind about what they are experiencing and thinking, and the moderators should moderate to enable people to do just that. What happens now is that reviews and discussions just disappear or get smothered by the moderation team and not in a consequent way either. They also reserve themselves the right to comment and discuss on the reviews often as if it are support request posts where they deny the WordPress user base to do the same. Moderators have the power to moderate but it does not go unseen what they are actually doing with those powers.’

Shortly, now I was flagged, and my comment was deleted.  I received the following email from the ‘moderator’:

‘I’m the one that archived it last time, and I will unfortunately have to archive this one as well. Again: This is not a review of the new editing experience, but a comment on the removal of your previous non-review. To avoid this circle once more, I’ve flagged your account. This means one of our volunteer moderators will have to approve your post before it becomes publicly visible. This is being done because despite a clear indicator of what a review should not be about, you chose to do the same once more straight after.’

To quote another user, before his comment will be deleted:

”Gutenberg is the biggest crap i could imagine, it is on WordPress hands to keep us on their CMS or to force us leaving, it is that simple.

Now, by the way, below is something i just noticed after loading a page in this crap editor

<!– /wp:heading –>
<!– wp:paragraph –>

What is the reason for these garbage?
and hundreds more of garbage like these in the page source code, seems like the developers decided not only to make our life difficult but to destroy our sites as well, with Gutenberg every page will be clattered with useless code.”

About the Gutenberg editor, in Matt Mullenweg’s vision:

”This allows us to holistically design a modern editing experience and build a foundation for things to come.”

‘Holistically design a modern experience’???

Mister Mullenweg, do you know what means ‘holistic’?

”Holistic – characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”