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The Island of Dr. Moreau

H. G. Wells wrote a sci-fi book called The Island of Dr. Moreau. In 1997, Marlan Brando starred in the movie of that name playing a mad scientist who melded man and animal into strange beasts. Since it was an island, the rest of the world was safe. Not today. Suzy Cohen has reported on these experiments that are ongoing in labs around the world.

The scientists that support the concept of man playing God with our DNA defend the research because it may cure genetic diseases that afflict humans.

Other scientists raise the issue of cross species manipulation as uncharted waters which may destroy the human race.

Here is Dr. Cohen’s article: Part Monkey Part Human Embryo Created – Suzy Cohen suggests ways to heal naturally without medication.

COVID’s mRNA initiative is just one small step closer to the expanded push to play God with the manipulation of the DNA of the human race.

Already, Medscape is reporting the expanded vision of those who embrace the manipulation of human’s DNA:

Next-Generation COVID Vaccines Have Many Different Targets (

Beyond this initiative is the use of nano injections as a delivery system for drugs that trick the immune system into not recognizing the drug being injected so it is delivered with laser accuracy to an organ or a tumor site for activation.

Goal is a new drug delivery system which is profitable, proprietary, and patentable.

This is the 21st Century Medical path being embraced by the masters of our medical system.

What is being ignored is that most of the disease states that exist are caused by an environment that uses a myriad of chemicals that subject man to the development of disease states.

Our factory food system has become the delivery system for many many chemicals that have an accumulative negative effect on an individual’s health.

The FDA addresses this issue by having limits on the amount of a chemical in the food product but does not address the cumulative effects of many trace toxins over time on the human body.

We ignore the fact that 7 Day Adventists that embrace an organic food system live on average 10 years longer that the average American.

The Glyphosates used in Round-up that cause Lymphoma is the most glaring current example.

Nations don’t have the political will to fight the corporations which are the sources of these chemicals so man can live a healthy life and have a strong immune system which is the main stay defense against a virus or any other pathogen.

The jury is still out on the final impact of mRNA experimental injections on a massive scale which has been sold to the world population.

Will this RNA cure be worst that the disease? Time will tell.

Source: Thomas Braun – LewRockwell