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The Lancet’s Sputnik V article boosts trust in both jab and journal, says Putin

The article published by The Lancet about Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus jab raises trust in both the vaccine and the journal itself, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a government meeting commenting on a report presented by Health Minister Mikhail Murashko.

“You see, The Lancet has confirmed its high status and objectivity. This [article] boosts trust in our vaccine and this journal. Experience shows that it is like that. The protection level is above 90%, while its safety is confirmed,” Putin underlined.

The Lancet published an article reviewing results of the third stage of Sputnik V’s clinical trials in early February. The article notes the highly positive performance of the jab, putting it among the most safe and efficient in the world.

The shot efficacy stands at 91.6%, while the result for those aged over 60 is even higher, 91.8%.

Moreover, 98% of all volunteers who had the Russian vaccine had the antibody response.

Header: KALININGRAD, RUSSIA – DECEMBER 4, 2020. An ampoule of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine during COVID-19 vaccination of the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet servicemen. Vitaly Nevar/TASS

Source: TASS