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The Month Before COVID

Twas the month before Christmas,
And all through the town
Not a creature was stirring
They were all in lockdown.

The children were nestled
All alone in their masks
Trying to breath through them
A herculean task

And mom in her PJs
And I with my stubble
Had just settled in
In our own COVID bubble

When out at the Capitol
There arose such a noise
A gray haired octogenarian
With a slightly hoarse voice

“Mask don’t really work,
We know that is true.
Wait, let me reconsider,
You might even need two.”

“It came from a wet market
Don’t be so drab.
It did not escape
From the Wuhanian lab.”
As Fauci continued
And lied through his teeth
“There are no medications
You’ll get no relief”

“Rely on this vaccine
Experimental or not
There is no other treatment
Than to receive this here shot.”

“No HCQ, no ivermectin
No vitamin D
This mRNA vaccination
Is the only treatment, you see.”

To yesterday’s heroes
The doctor and nurse
“We will fire you now
And hit you hard in your purse.”

“Ignore the VARES data
It doesn’t exist.”
Shouted senile Biden
As he clenched both of his fists.

“Trust the federal government
We care about you
Just look at the record
Of all that we do.”

“Religious exemptions
They don’t have a chance
You’ll get this here jab”
They said in a trance.

As hospital workers
Left in sorrow and dismay
The ERs filled up with new ilness
Day after day

The children were experiments
It didn’t go very well.
“Their hearts are inflamed
Parents shouted, “Can’t you tell.”

“You’re a conspiracy theorist”
Said the political elite
“We’re coming for infants
Then our plan is complete.”

Inflation has run rampant
Prices soaring incredibly high
“How can I inject more people”
Said Biden with a sigh.

So flip flopping Fauci
Stepped forward to say,
“You now need nonstop boosters,
Till the end of your days.”

And now with the nightmare
Of injection medical treason
Government can ruin the economy
In time for Christmas season.

Prices are sky high
“But it only affects the rich,
So pay 4 dollars a gallon
And for sure, don’t you bitch”

Thanksgiving turkey
If you find one at all
Is double the price
Thank you butter ball.

As the leaders conspired,
Can we do this again
The people rose up
Shouting “Let’s Go Brandon”

Source: Blaise Edwards – LewRockwell