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The National Day of Romania. Another [expensive] garbage on display.

AN/TPS-77  it is a mobile version of the AN/FPS-117 (AN/FPS-117 –  Seek Igloo, AN/TPS-59, RRS-177, AMES Type 92)  is an active electronically scanned array 3-dimensional air search radar first produced by GE Aerospace (now Lockheed Martin) in 1980.

Originally selected for the Alaskan Air Command’s SEEK IGLOO project, the radar was also picked to replace the United States Air Force’s AN/FPS-67 radar at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport and was commissioned at Tempelhof in July 1984.

The RRP-117 version is a model which is being supplied to Germany with an offset input from Siemens in fixed-site applications.

In 2011, Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract to upgrade the radars to extend their operational lives through 2025.

Unitary Cost: USD$22 million…a  really ”cost effective package” – as how it is described by Lockheed Martin.

Romania has bought two (mobile) TPS 77.

Range 470 km (250 nmi)
Altitude 30.5 km (100,000 ft)
Azimuth 0.18° at 250 km
Elevation -6° to +20°
Power 24.6 kw