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The only novel written at Auschwitz is finally to be published in English

Hiding in a pile of old clothes underneath a barracks, Eddy de Wind wrote ‘Last Stop Auschwitz’ in the days immediately after the camp’s liberation 75 years ago.

’You are tired sick and disgusted with yourself, because you are a human being and because an SS-man is also a ‘human being.’

“This book is perhaps the only Holocaust death camp account written ‘in situ,’ in ‘real time’ and not affected by fading or inaccurate memories, not influenced by stories or reports learned afterwards.”

Prior to the Nazis’ expulsion of Jewish students and faculty from Dutch universities, de Wind was the last Jewish doctor to graduate from Leiden University. Not long afterwards, he was taken away during the notorious pogrom of February 23, 1941, when the Germans arrested 427 Jewish men in Amsterdam’s Old Jewish Quarter.